Modified MBSR

The Modified MBSR course is appropriate for anyone looking for a slightly less time intensive program than the full MBSR course. This program is appropriate for new practitioners, and anyone looking to deepen their existing practice. Over six 75 minute small group sessions and one 3 hour silent retreat, participants will be introduced to the benefits and applications of mindfulness in leading a more connected, values-based, and conscious life. Groups will be a balance of formal meditation practices, informal practices, education, and discussion. All practices and groups are straight from the heart of the MBSR program. Participants will be provided with recordings and readings for at-home use. Additionally, Erin and/or Josh will be available for between session support as participants bring the practice of mindfulness to the challenges and stress of daily life.

The cost for this group is $250, due by the first group. Alumni discounts and payment plans are available. Anyone interested in the course, and concerned about the financial obligation, should contact us directly. Alumni of the Modified MBSR or full MBSR group are invited to attend alumni events, and will receive discounts on future Two Rivers offerings.

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