Mindful Parenting

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The greatest gift we can give our children is our presence. This class teaches parents practices that enhance a present minded focus with our children and increase the likelihood of responding to our children with what is most needed in the moment.

When under stress and other intense emotions, parenting skills tend to collapse and parents find themselves reverting to yelling, threatening, or even physicality. Participants will learn practices that strengthen one’s awareness of bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotions when with their children.  Such awareness decreases the potential for fear or anger to influence our parenting decisions.  The instructors offer this parenting class in a nonjudgmental manner, and readily share their own less-than-mindful moments in parenting.

The class will include elements of the MBSR course, such as meditation, yoga, mindful walking, and education in the stress response, as well as discussion and practice in how to incorporate such practices while parenting. Additionally, the instructors will introduce practices that are fun and helpful for children and adolescents.